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 - As he continued to perform, write for movies and television and tour the world, Rudy's fan-base continued to grow. Everyone loves Rudy.  He took the time to respond to fans, post photos he enjoyed and to also write just a bit about himself on his website.  The following was written by him and posted on his website, as he embarked on more musical projects and began his battle with the terrible disease that took his life.  To those blessed to know and love him, his own words are precious to read. -

    The music bug bit me as a young lad. I started playing guitar in garage bands in grade school and high school in Scottsdale, Arizona. I studied music and songwriting - to the exclusion of every other subject in high school. Before completing college, I went on the road to work as a full time musician. I traveled the United States playing Top 40 music in various bands; I would play songs by James Brown, The Beatles and even Tony Orlando all in the same night. It was a great training for career as a musician and composer.

    I also had a technical side that loved the recording studio. I began writing and recording my own songs on a Teac 3340 four-track tape recorder. As my studio grew, I recorded the songs of friends that were in need of a good affordable demo. This eventually became a full-time job.

    In the ‘80s, my studio was busy with outside clients. I was engineering and playing guitar usually six days a week. At my home studio, we recorded everything from radio jingles and band demos to major league projects. After recording a few very good demos with Carole King, she asked me to co-produce her next record and I’ve been working with her ever since.

    As a music composer, I’ve written numerous “music library” CDs. My songs have been placed in various TV shows including Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, Friends, The Practice, Law and Order, The Osbournes and Oprah. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t hear some of my music on TV. And it’s always a thrill.

    Another great thrill is playing music live. For the past few years, I was on tour with Carole King on her “Living Room” tour. We played all over the U.S. entertaining her loyal fans and promoting the importance of voting in the most recent presidential election.

    My most recent surf album, “El Surfeador,” draws on my Arizona roots. In Scottsdale, we loved surf instrumental music. Dick Dale, Duane Eddy, the Ventures and even Herb Albert were favorites of mine. I think you will hear all of those influences on this record.

    In 2005, I released "Still Lucky," a record by the The Rudy Guess Orchestra featuring Craig S. Martino. It’s a fun swinging in Las Vegas extravaganza.

    Currently I’m writing music for a TV show called “Million Dollar Listing” Set your Tivo for that one.

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It brings Lorna great comfort to read your personal stories and see your photographs of Rudy.  You can share them here at Rudy's legacy.com page.  The book will remain online for some time and eventually be saved as a printed book. 

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